Established in 2007, we are the favoured supplier of samosas to local restaurants, hotels, catering and deli businesses in western Canada.

The Samosa Factory and Education

We work closely with schools, colleges and universities in our community to provide healthy, well Children at Schoolbalanced and nourishing snacks and meals for students in school cafeterias.

Students from kindergarten to university love samosas - they help them concentrate on learning, not on their empty tummies!

My kids would never eat lunch because they were fed up with sandwiches. I used to worry that they were not eating until my friend suggested sending them to school with a few samosas. We ordered some Samosa Factory Lunch Boxes and they were an instant hit! Like all kids they want to over indulge in something they like and now they ask me to pack them every day. At least they eat lunch now and I have peace of mind!